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Genuine business opportunity supplying printedT-shirts / promotional goods / cash and carry signs.

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  • Having traded in the print / promotion business for 10+ years I have now put a package together to amalgamate 100+ like minded entrepreneurs to become the UK’s first recognised group of independently owned print shops supplying printwear / promotional & signage products and the main reason I have done so is to ensure we are all getting the very best prices and services our money can buy, it looks as if this is going difficult times ahead so to consolidate a group of this size with a turnover of 10s of millions of pounds per year surely should put us leagues ahead of individual print outlets.
You will have sole trading rights within an area containing approx ½ million people.
  • Have your own design online website accessed through www.TomDooleys.co.uk where customers are directed to a geographical map of the UK containing your link, then along with the 100+ other uk outlets you to will enjoy premium listings on search engines due to the volume of traffic created thanks to using this system.
Become part of the UK’s largest buying and selling group (in this field).
  • If you are new to the business look around your town and investigate the quality of your competition, I’m pretty sure you’ll find it's weak, the new print technologies along with high speed broadband internet access seem to have crept up on us all quite suddenly and many areas have little or no serious competition yet there are so many customers requiring such a wide range of printed products today and it’s time thier needs were fully catered for. I also feel most existing shops are set in their ways and do not accept change readily or just can’t be bothered to adapt to these new ideas.
Your every day costs
  • Your every day costs should be met by just printing birthday / hen & stag/ anniversary products etct, or to search our categorised online database of 8 million plus clipart pictures to find the one that best suits their occasion this takes only a couple of minutes, add their message and let them call back later to collect the printed item, or create a t-shirt or personalised gift from the customers actual photos or usually with photo’s downloaded from the customers phone using bluetooth, these gift’s cost us a pound or two yet retail at £12.95 to £16.95 this produces an acceptable profit margin for me in these current trading conditions.
  • Most products printed on demand today use sublimation ink technologies, these products are mainly manufactured in America or China and I pay a fraction of what these products cost in the UK , I am not saying buy everything from China as we have so many great wholesalers within the UK offering so many good services and products along with generous discounts.
  • Don’t forget when a customer calls in for a quote for a group of shirts if you do a quick mock up of a design, then drag n drop it onto their bluetooth phone for them to send to all in their party,( it helps clinch the sale).
Ideal Opportunity.
  • This is an ideal opportunity for an existing business wishing to expand, or as a new start up venture , basic knowledge of printing and graphic design, plus a good business acumen would be your minimum requirements.
  • Each outlet would enjoy the huge potential of a design online website that gives you total control, you can upload your own products or designs that are suitable to go onto t-shirts / mugs / car number plates or whatever, the choice is yours or you can use some or all from my sites designs products. Once the customer designs and order’s a product the details and designs will be e/mailed directly to you in a ready to use pdf format with the payment going directly into your own bank account.
Direct Contact?
  • Would you like to be in direct contact with other like minded businesses offering the same services as yourself through a members only forum but retaining the confidence that the people with whom you speak and exchange ideas are only aloud to trade outside of your area.
  • I have believed for many years this industry has just been left neglected and my long term aim has been to create a business footprint for others to follow or create their own individual print business, but with our help when it’s required.
  • Tom Dooleys is now a registered trade name in the UK and USA. I searched hard and long to find an interesting name that’s not associated / attached to any product and finally came up with TomDooleys.co.uk.There was a number one song sung world wide in the 1950's and still remembered by 10s of millions of people today, Tom who is claimed to have killed his lover in the 1850's and was hung for his crime, but in 2002 a group of his supporters started a case and were suceesful in clearing his name of the crime. (Google his name if you would like to know more ) and the name has proved to be successful in being remembered by our customers requiring t-shirt printing. having a name synonymous to a product is essential today. just like Fred Perry is to golf products, Waterstones for books etc.

  • Infact already some customers are searching TomDooleys as opposed to t/shirt printers, check out where we come on google, as a sole trader we are now recieving150 to200 hits per day, imagine what the number will reach once all area’s have an outlet. It has taken two plus years to get these trademarks that are the groups foundation and due to that reason I could not go public with these ideas until now. I will be looking for suitable qualified people in the states to get this underway, once the uk outlets are in place , the more outlets carrying the name will make the whole group stronger. Approach your local schools colleges / social clubs and businesses offering all manner of printwear / promotional signage products etc. and earn generous commission by becoming a distributor for the larger orders of these goods.Large garment printers and embroidery companies trading on industrial estates offer nothing different than ourselves there’s no magic formula required, source the best priced product then the printer / embroiderer to apply the logo’s from one of our discount suppliers we have found for you, uplift by say 30 to 50% and in many cases you will be successful. You have none of the large overheads these companies have and many are desperate for the work, but the main thing is you are local to your customers, and customers much prefer to purchase these goods from a local supplier face to face. Comprehensive Lists of suppliers, will be available in our members only forum , from companies who we have approached or visa versa, offering competitive pricing for all manner of products used within our trade, along with other products such as insurances / advertising / telephone broadband etc, and these contact lists will continually be revised and updated by me , leaving you time to concentrate on producing sales, as you will be able to see quickly and clearly what the best prices the group can achieve and on what products.

The Crunch
  • .
  • Please contact us for details.
  • Also provide video clips and tip’s on printing all manner of items used within our trade.

Visit Us
  • You would be welcome to spend some time with us to go through your idea's, and we would run you through some of our more popular products and print methods (by appointment only)
  • Once most area's are operational I shall approach various organisations such as Red nose day / Pudsey and alike and offer the group's services for the sale of thier products through our outlets, These item's can be printed on demand unlike other outlet's like Sainsburys /Tk Max etc who always seem to be out of the size you require anyway, and at the end of the promotion we would have no unsold stock to return.
  • I feel I have designed one of the best design online t-shirt sites in the world ( of course I am biased ) but still I'm proud of it, and it alone would cost you £2000 + vat, So please don't sleep to long on it.
  • A professional business plan would be created for you to present to your bank /building society if required.
  • Character references financial references will be required to assure the group that to the best of my ability no unsuitable person would operating one of our outlet’s.

Your Right
  • You will have the right to sell your area link at the current market price at any time, but terms and conditions will apply.

Contact Me
Please Phone me for further information,
Yours Sincerely
Steven Towle.
( The organiser)
Tom Dooleys T:01752 223300
After 4pm ( Home) T:01752 666663